A  Bloomin' Valley Violet Home

Tumut Valley Violets is a small business with a difference, it started off as a hobby in the early 1980’s by Anna Culter and has developed into a thriving small tourist attraction in the Tumut Valley region. 

Set in the grounds of the old Tumut Plains school house (established circa 1878), amid cottage gardens and two acres of trees, just 7 kilometres from Tumut town centre, it has become a major tourist attraction for the area. African Violet enthusiasts come from all over Australia to visit the farm.

Tumut Valley Violets boasts over five hundred different named varieties of African Violets, all grown by the wick watering system — a form of hydroponic gardening, which is state of the art in Australia. New releases from all over the world are being added to the collection on a regular basis.

All of the African Violets are propagated from leaf cuttings in the stock room on the farm. It takes approximately nine months from planting the “ mother leaf ” before the plants are mature and flowering. We have special propagating kits available, complete with leaves and instructions, to give even a beginner an indoor garden of beautiful flowering African Violets.

The farm is in the process of rebuilding it stock of ferns, hanging baskets and other outdoor plants and has a full range of African Violet requisites including the special soil free potting mix and nutrient solution.

The Garden café is open daily and renowned for its scrumptious home-made Devonshire Teas or great coffee. We are also offering pancakes with local berries and ice cream. If you require something more upmarket - yes we do Cappuccinos now. Soft drink is available for the younger ones. Coaches and groups are most welcome.

We also offer overnight stays for caravans and 5th wheelers, both powered and unpowered sites. 

When visiting the beautiful Tumut Valley region, a trip to the quaint Violet farm is a must.